Life Cycle

Where gods exist there belief exist,

Where belief exist there relationships exist,

Where relationships exist there humans exist,

Where humans exist there desires exist,

Where desires exist there god exist.

This is what life cycle……

You Can Do It…

Em Jarugutundi naa jeevitamloo…

Ninnati jnapakalatho , repati asala kosam, asalu eroju nenu chestunnadi correctenaa???
Ontariga puttamu, ontariga potamu anukontunna e samajamlo nenu okkadai potanaa???
Asayalanu alochanalaki matrame parimitam chesi anadanaipotanaa???
Amdari jeevitaalu laagane naa jeevitam kooda mugisipotundaa???
entenaa jeevitam ante???

Dabbu kosam nitya poratamenaa naa jeevita lakshyam??? yedi sadimchaleni oh chetakani waadilaa naa jeevitam mugisipotundaa??? naa innella jeevitaniki artamanade vundadaa….. asalem jarugutundi naa jeevitamloo??? inni prasnala madya kooda nenu udayinche suryudi kosam wait cheyagalugutunnanu ante karanam naakunna chinna hope “YOU CAN DO IT”. Yes I can Do. I can do anything and am sure one day i will be successful man.


Immediate requirement 2018

Contact @ Facebook/ Gmail/ SSC Thomas/ Twitter
SSC Thomas is hiring for Life Partner/Lover

 0 yrs   Bengaluru.
Job Description:

As a member of our SSC Thomas Life you will dive head-first into creating happiness that advance joyful and memorable life.

You will join a happy and successful life of SSC Thomas dedicated to improving the daily hope, taking care, sharing affection and programming that goes into creating high quality life and new products.

This Role requires a wide variety of strengths and capabilities, including:

Advanced knowledge of life, happiness and understanding of feelings and emotions across all the situations of life.

Sound knowledge in cooking.

Ability to make happy in critical situations.

This candidate will work in SSC Thomas life as lifepartner/lover providing solutions to build a joyful life.

Require 1+ year of experience in sharing joy, taking care and cooking.

Note: We are not hiring s*x experienced candidates. So don’t apply if you have experience in s*x.

Salary:                                       Not Disclosed by Recruiter
Industry:                                   Life
Functional Area:                     Life Partner

Role Category:                         Lover
Role :                                         Provide care and sharing happiness

Employement Type:              Permanent Job, Full Time


Cooking Kindness Joyful Nature Love Friendly nature

Desired Candidate Profile:

Please see job details section for all requirements

Candidates must qualified in sharing happiness and making hope for tomorrow.

Employer Profile:

SSC Thomas is a leading common man living in Bangalore with assets of it job and operations in India wide. The employer is cool and taking care of each and every moment of his life that brings him No.1 in his life. He is looking cool with 5.4 height and 60 kg s weight. His hobbies are watching movies, playing cricket and travelling with friends.

Chat to Apply

Note: Recommendation will be highly preferable and will be awarded.


Vunnadi Okkate Zindagi….

Your mind wants to be live one life but your brain will leads you to be live in other life. Right from your birth till the death you wants to live a best life than others. If you are always compare with others like they are best , they have best life and i want to became best than them,  then what about your life? when will you live your life……

All because of you….

ఎప్పుడు ఎందుకు మొదలయిందో తెలియదు గాని
వరమనుకొన్న నీ ప్రేమ విషమై నన్ను దహిస్తుంటే

నిన్ను మరువలేక నన్ను మార్చుకోలేక
ఈ తరుణం శరణం అన్నా మరణం చమత్కరించెను.

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