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SSC Thomas is hiring for Life Partner/Lover

 0 yrs   Bengaluru.
Job Description:

As a member of our SSC Thomas Life you will dive head-first into creating happiness that advance joyful and memorable life.

You will join a happy and successful life of SSC Thomas dedicated to improving the daily hope, taking care, sharing affection and programming that goes into creating high quality life and new products.

This Role requires a wide variety of strengths and capabilities, including:

Advanced knowledge of life, happiness and understanding of feelings and emotions across all the situations of life.

Sound knowledge in cooking.

Ability to make happy in critical situations.

This candidate will work in SSC Thomas life as lifepartner/lover providing solutions to build a joyful life.

Require 1+ year of experience in sharing joy, taking care and cooking.

Note: We are not hiring s*x experienced candidates. So don’t apply if you have experience in s*x.

Salary:                                       Not Disclosed by Recruiter
Industry:                                   Life
Functional Area:                     Life Partner

Role Category:                         Lover
Role :                                         Provide care and sharing happiness

Employement Type:              Permanent Job, Full Time


Cooking Kindness Joyful Nature Love Friendly nature

Desired Candidate Profile:

Please see job details section for all requirements

Candidates must qualified in sharing happiness and making hope for tomorrow.

Employer Profile:

SSC Thomas is a leading common man living in Bangalore with assets of it job and operations in India wide. The employer is cool and taking care of each and every moment of his life that brings him No.1 in his life. He is looking cool with 5.4 height and 60 kg s weight. His hobbies are watching movies, playing cricket and travelling with friends.

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Note: Recommendation will be highly preferable and will be awarded.



Vunnadi Okkate Zindagi….

Your mind wants to be live one life but your brain will leads you to be live in other life. Right from your birth till the death you wants to live a best life than others. If you are always compare with others like they are best , they have best life and i want to became best than them,  then what about your life? when will you live your life……

Tez App Referral Trick : Rs 51 Signup Bonus + Refer and Earn Rs 9000

These days foreign companies are actively investing in Indian market because they understand business potential and ever-growing opportunity in India. There are plenty of examples such as Amazon, Uber and the list goes on. Now search engine giant Google has made its way in India by launching Tez android application. Not just android but even iOS users can enjoy this app on their iPhones.


1] First of all, download Tez app on your android phone. Enter referral code ym0vA if it prompts.

2] Now open it and enter your mobile number. Make sure that the number you have provided is already linked with any of your bank account.

3] After adding mob number, Tez will start searching for the bank accounts and it will show you on the screen. Select the one which you want to set as a default for making & receiving payments.

4] Once the above step is over, start sending money or try making payment from Tez. If you don’t have anyone who is using Tez, then you can use number 9866843163 and send any amount (even 1 Rupee) on it. I’m not forcing you to send money. It’s all up to you!

5] As soon as you complete the transaction, you get 51 Rs bonus!

6] Now head over to the app’s homepage and swipe upwards until you see following options:


7] There are 2 options : Rewards & Offers. You have to select 2nd option as shown in the screenshot.

8] On the next page, you will see the Tez Refer & Earn Offer. It says:wp-1505755325390

Invite Friends to Tez and You Each Get 51 Rs. You will both be paid when you friend makes his first payment.

9] Simply click on invite friends and note down your referral link. Share it using whatsapp, direct messaging or in any other way you are convenient with.

10] Your friend has to download Tez from your link & make any payment using UPI.


Terms & Conditions

1] This offer is valid till 1st April 2018.

2] You can earn maximum 9000 Rs per account from this Google Tez app referral program.

3] Invited friend must be a new/first time user of Tez. If he has already installed and used the app before then you will not get referral bonus.

4] All the money earned from this campaign can be withdrawn to your bank account.

Earning Proof


All because of you….

ఎప్పుడు ఎందుకు మొదలయిందో తెలియదు గాని
వరమనుకొన్న నీ ప్రేమ విషమై నన్ను దహిస్తుంటే

నిన్ను మరువలేక నన్ను మార్చుకోలేక
ఈ తరుణం శరణం అన్నా మరణం చమత్కరించెను.

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Trace / Track your Android Mobile

                Now a days Smart phone is used to store our personal informations like photos, videos and files etc., If we lost the mobile we can’t determine how would it be our suffer. As i faced that situation i decided to write an article about What we have to do before and after lost the mobile.

                If you want to trace your mobile first of all you have to enable “find my device” option in your mobile. Now i will tell you how to enable it.

—>Go to your phone settings

  • Click on “security” option
  • Now click on “device administrator” option
  • Now you can see “find my device” option enable it by clicking on check box followed by activate button.

                In some devices you can see the “find my device option” after click on security option itself. Anyway now you are enable your android device manager option. Now i will tell you how to track your mobile.

To Trace/Track your mobile:

            Go to your browser and type “Android device manager” and hit the enter button. Now you can see the hyper link “Find my device – Google” click on it. Once you click on it, it will brings you to gmail login page. Here you have to login with the gmail account which you are logged in your mobile. Once you login with your gmail account it will brings you to the page where you can trace your mobile with the following three options.

Sound : If you click on the sound option it will gives a continuous high ring for 5 minutes. So with that you can find your device if it is in your visible location.

Lock : If you click the lock option, it will lock your device screen with the message you entered in the next screen followed by phone number.

Erase : If you can’t find your device then you will use this option. It will erase the content in your device permanently so that your data will be not misused by others.

Note: For detailed video tutorial please click on the below link.