First Love

     This story happened b/w 2 degree friends. They r very closed friends, their friendship starts from second year, they messaged each other every day n will continues for so many hours. with their SMS they convey their affection,love on each other but they never open up when they met. After completing their degree they joined in different courses in different colleges but they are still message each oter every day.

    One day the boy proposed her through SMS but she simply rejected by avoiding the reply message. But with her messages he understood that she rejected him because of his height(he is short). He got depressed for long period n finally he come out from that feeling, destroyed his sim and starts to focus on his career. He completed his post graduation and got a job in good company.

     The days gone she married another person, they lead good life for few days but after that her husband starts tortured her for silly reasons and she face several struggles with her husband at the same time she realized her friend value.
Finally she cant bare her husband’s torture and decided to suicide n killed herself, before that she send last SMS in her life to his degree friend which consists I LOVE U please forgive me.

Moral: Love the person who knows u what you are and who is connected with your heart but don’t reject his/her for their physical appearance.

                                                                                                                             -by Ssc Thomas

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