Bus Stop

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                Every day one girl waits at a bus stop and rides the bus to go to her college. It is on her exam days, during the exams she doesn’t like to carry any book to the college. On the third examination day of her exams, she thinks about a beautiful quote immediately she buys a new book and write her thought on it but due to the hurry to catch a bus, she lost her book in the bus stop. The next day she comes to bus stop with the new dress and in that dress, she appears like an angel. (Time 8:00 am-cool weather-color full flowers – drizzle-appears like heaven) The boy who rides the bike on the same road saw her, at that moment he forget what happen around him by admiring her beauty and his eyes can’t turn from her. Unfortunately at that moment a lorry dashed his bike. He severely injured and the people, who are there, take him to hospital. After two days he got conscious but still he lost his heart at the bus stop. He can’t forget her and he can’t be waste the time on the hospital bed. He knows that, she will be his future and immediately run away from the hospital and reaches to bus stop. He waits for her but the day may have curse on him. He doesn’t see the girl that day at the same time he doesn’t go to the home still wait for her. The sun sets but he don’t see her and rises again. (Time 8:00am) She comes to the bus stop, he have no words to explain his situation by seeing her. He feels that, he is in heaven by seeing her smile but it doesn’t happen for long time because, the bus comes and she goes to the college. From that day, every day he comes to bus stop at 7:30 am with one book in his hands and waits for her. The days go on and after few days the girl also starts to see him and responds to him. They doesn’t talk, doesn’t meet but they are speaking with eyes every day and they share their feelings through smiles only. The days go on, one day(Wednesday) he doesn’t come to the bus stop. She disappointed and her eye automatically starts to search for him but there is no use. Her bus comes and she goes to college. That day she realized what he is for her and she also feels that, he is her future. The next day the boy comes to the bus stop with small bandage on head. She become very happy by seeing him and fear about the bandage but the happiness overcome it. The days go on she knows everything about the boy.



(On First anniversary of their meeting)

                 He knows that tomorrow is her birthday and he decides to talk with her. The sun sets and rises, now the time is 6:00am instead of boy the girl(she also wants to speak with him on her birthday about their relation) waits at the bus stop, she waits for him but he doesn’t come, the time goes fast and she waits for him for the whole day but he doesn’t come. She return to home with disappointment. That day she unable to sleep after 12:am she get sleep but after sometime in her dream, she saw that boy’s dead body around the people, immediately she woke up and go to the boy’s house and get shocked by seeing his dead body really. She is crying like a children(who missed her/his mother).Everyone starts look her but she is crying like a baby for long time. After sometime She finds his book which he brought to bus stop every day. She shocked by opening that book because its her book and She finds a cover in it and then she opens the cover and finds boys letter inside in it. After reads that letter she starts laugh everyone around her amazed with her activity and they think that, she may become mad. From that day she never stops her smile ever even in her death.

                  Letter:    Hello my dear, I don’t know your name in fact i won’t need it. The day when I saw you, I feel without you there is no life for me but unfortunately God ends my life the same day. Yes you remember the accident, after accident I got injured in my brain. I don’t know that every day I’m not only close to you but also to my death. Every day when I woke i feel something in my head which heals my strength but I didn’t take care about it. Actually I didn’t know about it till last Wednesday. Yes last Wednesday I’m vomiting blood and immediately I went to hospital and doctors said about my brain damage and they said, I have only one week to passed away from you. I can’t believe it at the same time I can’t be keep calm there because I can’t live at least a day without see you. All I want to say you Many more Happy returns of the day and You have to live for me. You know one thing I lost in your smile at the same time I will be live in your smile for ever so don’t lost your smile for me because I may lost permanently without it.

(Actually before a day, he saw the girl, he went to bus stop to drop her mother and there he finds a new book with a quote on it but he didn’t find any other details except the quote. He impressed with that quote and eagerly wants to see him/her in the next day).