Trace / Track your Android Mobile

                Now a days Smart phone is used to store our personal informations like photos, videos and files etc., If we lost the mobile we can’t determine how would it be our suffer. As i faced that situation i decided to write an article about What we have to do before and after lost the mobile.

                If you want to trace your mobile first of all you have to enable “find my device” option in your mobile. Now i will tell you how to enable it.

—>Go to your phone settings

  • Click on “security” option
  • Now click on “device administrator” option
  • Now you can see “find my device” option enable it by clicking on check box followed by activate button.

                In some devices you can see the “find my device option” after click on security option itself. Anyway now you are enable your android device manager option. Now i will tell you how to track your mobile.

To Trace/Track your mobile:

            Go to your browser and type “Android device manager” and hit the enter button. Now you can see the hyper link “Find my device – Google” click on it. Once you click on it, it will brings you to gmail login page. Here you have to login with the gmail account which you are logged in your mobile. Once you login with your gmail account it will brings you to the page where you can trace your mobile with the following three options.

Sound : If you click on the sound option it will gives a continuous high ring for 5 minutes. So with that you can find your device if it is in your visible location.

Lock : If you click the lock option, it will lock your device screen with the message you entered in the next screen followed by phone number.

Erase : If you can’t find your device then you will use this option. It will erase the content in your device permanently so that your data will be not misused by others.

Note: For detailed video tutorial please click on the below link.